Why the racist students behind the Oklahoma frat video don’t deserve privacy

racist SAE video

Below is an excerpt of my recently published piece, “Why the racist students behind the Oklahoma frat video don’t deserve privacy,” the entirety of which you can find here. I encourage you to read it.

Similarly, in terms of privacy, 87 percent of those targeted by New York City‘s stop and frisk policy were blacks and Latinos; 85 percent of those people were frisked, compared to a mere 8 percent of the white people stopped. This is despite the fact that stops of white people were twice as likely to yield a weapon and a third more likely to yield some form of contraband as compared to stops of black people. Surely if black and brown men can have identification demanded of them for merely walking down the street, we can demand identification of men on tape for chanting about lynching black people.

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4 thoughts on “Why the racist students behind the Oklahoma frat video don’t deserve privacy

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    I feel if they can have a blast talking about hanging others because of their skin color…they are not kind and should not be able to have privacy.

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