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John McCain Called Ahmadinejad a Monkey.

This is a screencap from Sen. John McCain’s Twitter account.


After receiving hundreds of tweets criticizing him, he then tweeted this:


When are white people going to realize that “monkey” is a racially charged term? No, your good intent doesn’t matter. No, people don’t need to “lighten up” (I’m assuming he intended no pun there, for god’s sake). No, it’s not just a joke. A joke is never just a joke when you employ racially charged language.

And to return to the “lighten up” thing…no. It’s not the rest of the world that needs to lighten up. YOU, John McCain and all others like you, need to ENlighten up. It is not everyone else’s responsibility to harden their emotions against your racist subtexts. As a politician, as a lawmaker, and as a human being, it is your responsibility to shape your worldview and have a conscious, sensitive, awareness of other human beings.

You know, like an adult. Because you’re a grown up. I think.

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