Darren Wilson’s Demon


I have begun publishing work on Medium. Below is an excerpt from my most recent piece, Darren Wilson’s Demon. I encourage you to go read it here.

They are that sick. They are that cruel. The Ferguson Report reveals the flagrant bias officers have toward black citizens: the numbers expose a jungle of malice, cruelty, spite, superiority. In the report, in the many anecdotes of black citizens having their IDs demanded of them, we hear echoes of boy and uppity. “Stop being a smartass and give me your ID.” Dogs turned on a 14-year old boy while the handlers laughed. “N*gger.” Beatings. Jailings. Unlawful searches. “Stop being a smartass and give me your ID.” Freedom papers. Parents brutalized in front of their small children. Déjà vu. The American echo.

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6 thoughts on “Darren Wilson’s Demon

  1. This is bloody fucking brilliant…and terrifying.

    • oliviaacole says:

      Thank you for reading, friend.

      • 1. Women are NOT inferior to men. Women however can have babies and men can’t. An idea that seems to be part of Feminism is that women have to do everything that men do in order to have equality. There should be more respect for housewives who raised many of us and who are the reason why humanity exists. In many countries fertility rates are low and if continues entire ethnic groups can eventually die out because women are told that it’s somehow “inferior” to be a housewife.

        2. Olivia, do you realize that 93% of the world doesn’t have or want diversity/Multiculturalism? This includes Israel and Japan. They all believe that peace is letting each ethnic group with a common culture have their own home. Do you think that the Zimbabweans or Nigerians are racist for not wanting Whites or Asians to live there?

        3. Neighborhoods in all countries divide by race/ethnicity/culture. Blacks don’t generally want to live with non-Blacks. Asians don’t generally want to live with non-Asians…. It’s not “racism” it’s human biology to want to live around those like them.

        4. Hollywood promotes Diversity so how are they racist towards non-Whites?

        5. EVERY race/ethnicity had slavery and genocide. How is it fair to just blame Whites?

        6. Whites are the ONLY people in the world to share their countries with other races. Japan openly say they don’t want Multiculturalism/Diversity, Israel say they’re a country only for Jews etc. Are Jewish people not allowed their own homeland? Are Japanese not allowed their own home?

  2. Way2Real says:

    Great piece…let’s keep the truth alive

  3. jonicashanel says:

    Reblogged this on 21st century Feminist.

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