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What Piers Morgan doesn’t understand about the ‘N-word’

piers morgan racist

Below is an excerpt from my recent piece (“What Piers Morgan doesn’t understand about the ‘N-word’”) which has been published over at The Daily Dot. I encourage you to go read it.

It’s concerning that no editor read this piece and thought, “You know, Piers, using a whipping-post analogy and the words ‘brutal submission’ in a discussion of the ‘N-word’ and American’s legacy of slavery and racismprobably isn’t the best idea.” It’s concerning that a white man felt that he was qualified—and entitled—to write a piece about what black people “have” to do in regard to a word that was invented to subjugate them. It’s concerning that Morgan even admits, “As a white man, I have no right to demand that any black person gives up using the ‘N-word’” but goes on to do just that anyway.

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