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poem for Trayvon Martin and other dead brown boys


George Zimmerman’s trial begins today. I thought it appropriate to post the poem that I wrote last year after Trayvon’s murder. I am praying for justice.

poem for Trayvon Martin and other dead brown boys

The delight of the airplane

is what sticks in my eye:


ground-bound, but the sky

is a butterfly you’re cupping

in your palms.


Just a few more beats

of heart and wing

and you could have been

in the blue, arms or engine



I want us all to live

in your eyes:


to see how

in one breath

a boy can be


and in the next

be a leaf



carried away



then gray,

then gone.




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National Poetry Writing Month: 3/30


It’s National Poetry Writing Month. Like thousands of poets, I will be writing a poem a day, as I have every April for seven years. I won’t share them all–how tiresome would that be!–but I will share some. Here is day 3.

After meeting a feminist man on the city bus

It’s the joy of wandering through space,

Second rock to third to fourth

all manner of Martians hostile

and staring—and then

from under a stone

crawls a creature with eyes

like Earth but the color of Venus

who says

Greetings. We are the same.

and after so many months

of deciphered struggle,

of being thirsty to hear

a word that is true to your ear

that comes from the mouth

like a meteor of Light…

you are satisfied.

This is a planet full of fools

but at least there is one

with a soul.



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