The Feminist Death Match Between Emma Watson And Beyoncé Is Some Anti-Feminist Sh@t

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Below is an excerpt from my most recent piece (‘The Feminist Death Match Between Emma Watson And Beyoncé Is Some Anti-Feminist Sh@t”) which has been published over at xoJane. I encourage you to go read it.

Hopefully you all remember the numerous times Beyoncé’s feminism has come under attack in the past? No? I’ll refresh your memory. When Beyoncé dropped Beyoncé last year, accompanied by a corresponding collection of music videos, the think pieces flew fast and thick. “Is Beyoncé a feminist?” “OK, but is Beyoncé actually a feminist?” The speculation was endless, despite the fact that Beyoncé was self-identifying, answering the question before it was even asked. But somehow many mainstream publications still thought that their opinion on Beyoncé’s feminism overrode her own identification.

When Emma Watson gave her speech on Saturday, I didn’t see a single tweet (other than from Men’s Rights Activists) criticizing her. No one dissected the roles she’s taken in Hollywood, the times she posed in sexy clothes, no one has questioned her relationship status.

Yet when I tweeted the above tweet, those kinds of dissections were exactly what filled my mentions—dissections voiced by white feminists. No angle was left uncovered. The responses ranged from “Maybe because Emma actually dresses like a lady!” to “Maybe because Emma has a college degree!” “Maybe because Emma didn’t dedicate an album to her husband and take his last name!” “Maybe because Emma doesn’t gyrate on stage!” “Maybe because Emma included men in her argument!” Don’t believe me? Look on Twitter. These tweets aren’t hard to find.

Guys…as a white feminist whose feminism is by no means perfect and has committed her share of missteps in the past, let me say this as gently as I can: This…shit…has…to…stop.

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6 thoughts on “The Feminist Death Match Between Emma Watson And Beyoncé Is Some Anti-Feminist Sh@t

  1. […] For those opponents of feminism that claim that the fact that the group doesn’t call out the wrong in its own ranks discredits it here is a piece where we see just that being done. […]

  2. lauragearydunson says:

    I’m so glad you said this. I think there’s a natural tendency to avoid calling any question to ‘positive’ press for feminism, but it’s so essential that we stay honest and work to make the movement as inclusive and empowering as we claim it is. Thanks for this.

  3. Hi Olivia! First I want to say that I absolutely love your blog. While I don’t agree with everything you said, I have to admit that you do make some valid points.

    I honestly don’t know if Beyonce or Emma Watson are “true” feminists because to me it all boils down to the person’s genuine intention. Are you calling yourself a feminist just to look good, for attention, to make more money? Or are you doing it because in your heart you really want to make a contribution to women’s rights? I find that for celebs, it is often difficult to tell what their true intentions are,because they are bound to make a profit out of their feminist stance (whether they like it or not). That’s why I often find myself rolling my eyes whenever I see an entertainer bragging about being a feminist (whether Beyonce or Emma Watson for that matter).

    I wrote an article about it here: I’d really appreciate if you could share your opinion on the matter. Thx. :)

  4. Hi,

    I think your blog is pretty damn cool, so I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. You can find more info on my blog. Keep doing you, it’s obviously working great and have a super-fantabulous day!

    Kudzi x

  5. […] things differently when you support something that does something counter productive like this or spends time dumping on Beyonce because she’s not the right kind of feminist. You still see the movement as important and relevant. But you see that there are those there […]

  6. Dana Hynes says:

    Awesome article. The comments by Annie Lennox on Beyonce were vile as well. Am tired of some women thinking they have any more right to prescribe how other women should think, speak, work, dress, or behave than men do. Am very pleased that someone has pointed out the utter hypocrisy in such thinking. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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